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"...Thank you, thank you for staying on top of it. Thank you for giving me an option when I didn't think I had any. So I really appreciate it..."
Stephanie & Lee Lineberg,
Patterson, NY
"I am very happy with the business I've done with New-Realitys. Not only were we extremely quick to close, but I got a great deal, and was treated with the absolute courtesy and professionalism. I strongly recommend New-Realitys, and I will personally do business with them again."
Jhoneil Fundan,
Rockland, NY
"Great Service, very professional, highly recommend!"
Lyle Rockton ,
Poughkeepsie, NY
"My experience with them was quite pleasant. Not only were they very informative, but they made sure that I was getting the Fair Market Value of my home. That is great for me, as I am not too familure with this process, and I thank them for not taking advantage of that"
Ethel Saunders,
Suffern, NY

I met Ken and Paul a few months ago when they bought a house in the neighborhood.  After many weeks of hard labor and loving care, they transformed what used to be an eyesore into an attractive piece of real estate.  During this time, they used the best craftsmen, the best material and groomed the property like it was their own.  They took personal care on both the interior and exterior of the house and it was not unusual to see them and their families working on the property on weekends.  They also took the trouble of getting to know their new neighbors and often solicited feedback on the way their work was going, on remodeling suggestions and lent a helping hand when required.  Based on my personal experience, I would say that they are upright and honest men that care about what they are doing, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends.

Chris Pais   
Tarrytown, NY

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